Thursday, 28 November 2013

If you're a scrapbooker it's likely you have, or will, try your hand at card making at some time. I love making cards because it's a different type of creative process and it is a great way to use up small scraps. Aside from the design on the card, I like to make cards of different shapes and use different processes to produce them. This card is a standup card that I made for a girlfriend's birthday earlier this year. I like the design because whatever sentiment you write on the card can easily be seen on the base of the card.

I also like to make cards using digital techniques. This is a great way to produce many cards at a low cost, such as Christmas cards. I create my designs digitally (post card size) and have them printed out at one of the stores when they have a photo print sale. This means my designs are printed as photos for a few cents each. Usually it's not possible to send the prints as a postcard because often the print job identification is visible on the back where you would need to write your greeting. What I do is mount my postcard/photo on cardstock and often, if I have spare photos, I will cut out part of the design and mount it on a finished card with foam dots to finish the card off with a 3D design.

Here you can see my design, printed as a photo, and mounted on cardstock. You can also see the Santa that I cut out of a spare photo print. The final result is the card at the bottom which has the cut out Santa mounted in the centre (over the original Santa). These cards are very inexpensive and show much more thought than store bought cards.


  1. I love the different shape cards - this one is great! Loving the lollipop flowers so much. I love how you design your own cards - such a great idea!

    1. Thank you Monica. I will put some more on in future posts and I will try to show some instructions on how to do them too. Cheers.


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