Saturday, 1 February 2014

Globe tutorial

Many of you have already seen my digital globe layouts. For those that haven't, here's one that I did quite a while ago.

I've been asked a few times now if it's possible to do this layout traditionally. I couldn't find any instructions on the internet so I decided to create a template. If you save the following image, you can copy it to what ever size you want and use it as your template. First thing, cut the template from paper or acetate to ensure everything fits together properly before you start cutting photos. It takes a little time but it is essential.

Once you cut out your pieces, you can place them over your photos to make sure you are cutting the photos in the right place, and getting that part of the image you want.

Hint: It can be difficult to find photos that fit the corners (i.e. A1-4). If you have trouble with this, use embellishments or words in the corners.

You can leave whatever size space you like between your photos and around the circumference of the globe (so that your cardstock/paper shows through) but make sure the spaces are uniform.

For those people that want some extra information, I have included the measurements for my digital globe. If you use these measurements the diameter of your globe should be around 19.5cm.

I hope I've remembered to include everything and feel free to ask me any questions. Have fun.


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