Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Hello Scrapbooking Friends,
This post is to give you some tips on how to incorporate ephemera or paper memorabilia in your digital layouts. I originally did this tutorial for the ARTastic Challenge Blog in October 2015.
There are many ways to use memorabilia on traditional layouts – in memory pockets, in envelopes, glued to the page, etc., but it’s not always immediately obvious how to do it on a digital page.
My first tip is to keep any bits of paper that remind you of an enjoyable experience. It could just be a tatty ticket, or an advertising brochure, which may appear to be insignificant at the time but you will be amazed at how much they can jog your memory when it comes time to journal your experience. You will often find that, far from insignificant, you can incorporate some parts of the memorabilia in your layout.

I kept this advertising flyer as a prompt for my journaling.

I actually ended up using it as a main component of my layout when it turned out that I hadn’t taken any good photos to scrapbook. I’ve used the flyer to show you three different techniques of how you can use it on your digi page.

First, I’ve just used the actual flyer as a photo on the page. I did this by scanning the flyer, saving it in photo format, and adding it to my layout. This is probably the easiest way to use the flyer and, as you can see, the journaling is the hero on this page.

Second, I’ve extracted the picture from the flyer and used it as an embellishment on my page. After removing the background I added a 3D edge and a shadow to the picture of the puppets.

Finally, I’ve made the picture of the puppets and integral part of the background. This I did by enlarging
 the embellishment I created for my second layout, removed the 3D edge and the shadow, and softened 
the edge instead. Then I changed the opacity of the altered picture to around 80% (so it would blend in better) and flattened it against the background paper.

Now I have a layout to remind me of a fabulous experience, even though I didn’t manage to get any 
photos at the time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my tips and techniques.

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