Friday, 3 June 2016

Kraft + Plus June Challenge

Well it's the start of winter Downunder and it's a good time to stay indoors and do some creating. My first challenge for the month is "It's a Puzzle" at Kraft Plus Challenge Blog.

As a keen family historian, I have many puzzles to solve so I decided to document one of  them. A cousin gave me a photo of a sweet little toddler many years ago. He found the photo amongst his mother's belongings and was puzzled as to who the subject of the photo was. I think I have worked out who she is. I've found a family member with the same name who would have been the right age but I can't be positive because she has a common name and, in those days (1914), children often referred to "aunts and uncles" that were actually close family friends. Anyway, rather than keep the photo in a box, I decided to document the puzzle. 

 I hope one day to put all the pieces together and categorically  solve this puzzle.

Always, big thanks for stopping by. :)

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